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Week in Review Process

Week in Review | financial news, news review, foreign affairs and economic commentary

Week in Review

The day begins at 5:00 a.m., as Brian Trumbore reads some 15 papers online, as well as hard copies of two or three other journals, to glean all the financial news as well as geopolitical items from around the world to begin to build the week in review. Throughout the day, it’s a non-stop news review, in essence, as the financial news piles up.

At 4:00 p.m., it’s time to review many of the same online sources following the market’s close, and then around 7:30 p.m., its back to some of the other global sources, plus over 20 business and political journals that arrive weekly and monthly for more financial news and foreign affairs, all part of the week in review. Then the next morning it starts all over again, seven days a week.

Week in review is the only column of its kind that truly supplies one with all the geopolitical and financial news that both the average investor and follower of the world scene needs to compete in our information age.  Online Investor magazine rated No. 1 for economic commentary for 2000-2002 and we’ve only gotten better since.

Updated every Saturday, check out week in review, available only at Edited by Brian Trumbore.


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Wall Street History


Growth in America...or Lack Thereof....

Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rates of GDP, via the Bureau of Economic Analysis (

2017 Q1 ...1.2%

2016 Q4 ...2.1%
2016 Q3 ...3.5%
2016 Q2 ...1.4%
2016 Q1 ...0.8%

2015 Q4 ...0.9%
2015 Q3 ...2.0%
2015 Q2 ...2.6%
2015 Q1 ...2.0%

2014 Q4 ...2.3%
2014 Q3 ...5.0%
2014 Q2 ...4.0%
2014 Q1 ... -1.2%

2013 Q4 ...4.0%
2013 Q3 ...3.1%
2013 Q2 ...0.8%
2013 Q1 ...2.8%

2016 ...1.6%
2015 ...2.6%
2014 ...2.4%
2-13 ...1.7%
2012 ...2.2%
2011 ...1.6%

Wall Street History will return in a few weeks.

Brian Trumbore